Growing is not an option

Alternative Investments


Tokenizing an asset means making it available for exchange on secondary markets. A paradigm shift from the old way of imagining an illiquid asset. It now becomes a digital instrument held in a digital wallet, easy to exchange, usable as collateral but also sellable on countless global markets.


Good investments have no geographical barriers. We select the best investment opportunities worldwide through different asset classes with careful structural and product analysis.  Where the opportunity is significant but the conditions are not secure, we manage it with 100% controlled SPVs.

Alternative Investments

Ephelia Capital manages the investment sides of Elviria. Alternative investments can be purchased through tokens or via conventional procedures. A primary market where to list and offer alternative investment solutions but also a place where to support and advise clients in creating a digital portfolio.


A tailored made service for Family Offices, Asset Managers and Trustees, where capital preservation and capital growth is a key factor.

We balance traditional strategies and alternative investments with principal protection as well as good yields linked to hedging instruments.

Tailored for Financial Institutions
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Bespoke for Professional Investors


The way of investing money has changed considerably in the last decade. Nowadays, professional investors are much more focused in structuring vehicles or solutions that can accustomed real economy investments with traditional and hedge management. The model portfolio has been balanced towards alternative products that can provide more substantial returns without necessarily taking more risk. Ephelia Capital combines traditional investment management, that is generally offered to an institutional audience, with selected real economy opportunities in sectors well known by the its team.


The investment portfolio is created through a rigorous analysis of clients risk appetite and market conditions. The allocation of the individual products in the portfolio follows a selection procedure that takes into account the expected returns, the volatility but also the risk profile of our investor. On the shelf, we offer three model portfolios with conservative, growth or aggressive strategies.
Both bespoke and model portfolios then follow a constant monitoring process with the aim to mitigate any market anomalies or adverse economic conditions. An active asset management that constantly engages our investors.



Today's markets are sophisticated

 At Ephelia we realised years ago that being a generalist means offering poor services.
We are aware of our strengths and how we can make them effective for our partners.



We do not believe in the global model by definition. We only work in markets where we have a deep understanding of how to grow and, at the same time, protect investments.



Technology is an integral part of our operations and decision-making. Our investments are structured for circular ecosystems, creating environments where wealth is built up among them.


We work within the real economy by managing real and tangible assets. We work to build wealth by supporting the growth of the economic and financial sectors in which we are experts.