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Stock Market Quotes

What matter to your Client?

The world of asset management has changed dramatically. What investors are really interested in today is diversifying their savings into the real economy with targeted investments in assets they know and can make their own judgements on. The challenge for financial institutions is to support them in the decision-making and research process. Selecting and giving access to profitable opportunities in the global market, sharing their operational and growth aspects, digitalising them in order to upgrade traditionally illiquid products into instruments that can be traded on secondary markets, but above all experiencing together with their clients the excitement of being part of the future.



The financial world has always been very clear about the concept of product processing. Certificates, Derivatives, Wrappers, Securitisation are known and used methods. Tokenization is an alternative and futuristic evolution of this process. A system where the content of the financial instrument becomes fully digital and exchangeable without intermediaries. Regulated by a smart contract, it can be automated and held directly by the owner in an online or physical wallet and is fully decentralised. It can be used as collateral and can be sold without any formality.The latter is a unique advantage for lenders who can be guaranteed as never before. These are just some of the many advantages of the token.


Ephelia has an innovative platform for structuring products such as Actively Managed Certificates and Credit Link Notes. We are able within a few weeks to set up a product with a Swiss or European ISIN number that can be subscribed by professional or retail investors via their own bank. We work together with leading Swiss and Luxembourg banks for the custody of these instruments and for the paying agent service. These products will have the Swiss market clearing code (SIX) and can technically be listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange. Finally, each product will be able to be listed and priced on Bloomberg for complete transparency on its valuation.




To be listed on Elviria, fintechs have to go through a comprehensive selection process. Technology is tested, Business and Financial plan must be based on robust assumptions to be proven under stress test scenarios. The team must be able to prove their ability to complete what they propose.

Crypto Strategies

Crypto strategies are the most popular among investors looking for high profits. A problem for financial institutions that are not experts in the field. The peculiarity of cryptocurrencies is the similarity to traditional currencies but with trading rules similar to derivative strategies.

Traditional Strategies

Strategies made in house as well as strategies of the major investment houses are available over the counter, without particularly onerous entry conditions. We focus on capital protection combined with fixed annual return solutions, attractive to Trustees and Family Offices.


Ephelia offers tokens that are backed by gold and diamonds they represent and deposited in a Swiss vault in a highly secure free-zone. Gold and diamonds are thus offered to customers through a real-time process, immediately exchangeable. Custody is part of this offer.

Crypto Mining

Cryptocurrencies that adopt the consensus algorithm (Proof of Work) are developed through a process called mining. Specific computers and software constantly work to obtain a token. The cost of electricity is the key factor. A lucrative but complicated investment.


The luxury sector is certainly unstoppable. The constant need for liquidity of manufacturers due to production always being a year ahead and the e-commerce sector imposing stockpiling, offers interesting opportunities for investors with considerable returns.

Fine Art

Fine arts are a valuable asset but have the major problem of liquidity and marketability. Raising money with a painting as collateral is difficult and requires a complex process of evaluation. Further complicated when the work is protected by governmental bodies. Ephelia has the solution.

Leisure & Hospitality

The post-pandemic recovery has seen the luxury hospitality sector at double figures growth, not least because of the excellent return on investment that can be expected. Opportunities are secured by major assets that need liquidity and are paid at a price that is mutually beneficial. 

Real Estate

Supporting operations for companies specialised in real estate construction can be interesting for specific well-selected projects. We identify those opportunities with a proven business plan and envisage significant returns. We provide tokenisation in order to make them also easily marketable.


Why Ephelia Capital

Ephelia Capital works alongside Financial Institutions, Family Offices and Trustees in offering tailored investment solutions focused on the pillars of our expertise.

Our executive team has over 25 years of experience in banking, investments and all the technology that surrounds these areas. We have been working with the most prestigious financial institutions and we know their needs.
We have been involved in the blockchain industry since its inception and we have witnessed the birth of cryptocurrencies. 
We have a deep knowledge of their intrinsic peculiarities and their volatility in the markets and thanks to skills of out team we convert this in investment opportunities.

Meet our Team


We believe in partnerships, we believe in teamwork and we are always looking for new partners.

Our partnership with Quid Global focus on providing international multi-currency current accounts as well as business tools.

We partner with Ephelia Global in order to  provide Capital Protection and Corporate services to our customers.

Port IT

Port IT is our partner to offer technology services to our customers in order to support them in their digitisation.

Wealth Managers

Working with Ephelia Capital is a win-win business for several reasons. Our services focus heavily on innovative and alternative products; we offer customised and white-label solutions; we support small asset managers with umbrella solutions.

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