Freedom, flexibility and transparency are the key words on which the relationship between Ephelia Capital and its investors is based.


Our investors can constantly monitor which companies we are investing in choosing either which company to invest in or opting to invest in the entire portfolio in order to constantly balance their portfolio between existing and future investments.

Investing is very simple:

  • By pressing "Ask Information" you will send a request in order to analyse that specific company in detail. One of our VC experts will contact you to discuss the opportunity with you;

  • By pressing "Invest" you will start the registration process (KYC) in our platform. Once approved you will be given an IBAN in your name where you can send money to complete the investment. An Ephelia Advisor will be assigned to you and will assist throughout the whole investment process as well as afterwards for any needs that may arise. 


With Ephelia Capital you will have an investment account in your name and an open channel with your dedicated Advisor.

You will be able to monitor 24/7 the value of your investment and any news on how the company you have invested in is performing. 

Let's check our existing investments

ST grigio 1000x1000.jpg

Schola Testori

Schola Testori is a London-based company focused in developing the concept of “cocooning" in the Fashion and Luxury industries through the extreme quality of its products and the digital innovation.


The name “Schola Testori” encloses the Made In Italy tradition about the ancient art of weaving together with the high quality of Asian materials. 


All of these concepts blend together to indulge the customer in a sensory journey from the traditional and sumptuous Marco Polo’s Silk Road, to the sophistication and modernity of Italian Design.


Schola Testori presents a wide range of home & fashion couture collections together with an innovative distribution strategy.

Strategic “sensory-journey-showrooms” based in the most iconic places of the luxury together with a cutting edge distribution APIs infrastructure brings Schola Testori towards the future of the luxury industry. 

Opulence Logo bianco.png

Opulence Milano

Opulence Milano combines the production of highest quality products with an innovative marketing and distribution strategy based on the new technologies.


All strictly made in Italy, Opulence mission is to bring the excellence of the italian school into the most precious materials available in the world. 


Opulence Milano aspires to be a benchmark of Made in Italy in the world.


The Opulence project was accepted in the Oakhill incubator (SPV of Ephelia Capital) in November 2020 and has just started the structuring phase.


The goal is to start the distribution of the products during Q2-2021.

Logo Trasp 1000x1000.jpg

Luxury Outlet

Luxury Outlet, as the name implies, is the digitalisation of the traditional luxury Outlet with a complex infrastructure of drop-shipping engine.

A great commercial showcase for luxury brands that want to globalize their offer at discounted prices without the hassle of the classic e-commerce strategy.


The go-to-market strategy of the drop-shipping infrastructure will start initially in the British and North American markets, followed by Asia and the Middle East and then in Europe by 2022.


The Luxury Outlet project was accepted in the Oakhill incubator (SPV of Ephelia Capital) in December 2020 and is about to begin its structuring phase in January 2021.


The goal is to launch the infrastructure by Q3-2021.

Logo Oakhill trasp.png

Luxury Portfolio

Oakhill Luxury is the SPV deployed by Ephelia as a container for all luxury-based projects.


A portfolio of products and companies that enables, the investor interested in the luxury sector, to invest in existing assets but also in those to come.


Thanks to Oakhill, the investment can be constantly balanced according to the capital needs of the underlying projects.


This is a useful tool to be able to monetize profits in case of an anticipated or agreed exit, but also to diversify the risk inherent in venture capital.