The profile of investment seekers has evolved. Tangible investments in real assets are increasingly in demand as an alternative to the classic portfolio.

Ephelia offers your team a solution to propose the most promising investments and innovations.

Ephelia VC Platform

Our platform is built on our experience as bankers and entrepreneurs. We have been part of different scenario where we acted as investors but also as start-up in need of funding. Thanks to this experience we can allow to companies and institutional investors to leverage this know-how.


Our offer

- Experienced VC analysts

- Experienced Investment Team

- Technology and corporate specialists

- Incubator and Accellerator service


The power of the Team

Key to the “VC as a Service” is the capability to integrate experience and expertise through a devoted Team able to understand financial data, cutting-edge technologies and entrepreneurial  vision. 


Assessment & Due Dilligence

Before an investment opportunity can be considered, potential startups require a thorough evaluation. We provide independent assessment and due diligence services, assuring that investments are solid.


Term Sheet Negotiations

Because the ink must be dry. Once your company has taken an investment decision, terms need to be finalized, negotiated and signed. investiere has extensive experience in this crucial stage and as such, you are able to benefit by delegating negotiations to us as an external professional or by using us as sparring partner.



Once the startup is considered valuable, the process allows our partner to invest directly or instruct Ephelia to find co-investors throught  our networks or throught our investment platform.