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Quid - SMEs Ecosystem

A dedicated business ecosystem was missing. A place where you can find all banking and corporate tools perfectly integrated.

A tangible need

Starting a new business has always been difficult and dedicated to those who with passion and perseverance understand the importance of firmly believing in their own vision, without worrying too much about external comments but at the same time adopting a critical spirit towards themselves.

The contradiction, however, is how much simpler this was 30 years ago than it is now.

The digitalisation of processes, the need to be on the cloud and the multitude of seemingly integrated solutions have created a major complication for what should have been a linear process supported by progress. A problem that impacts on all levels and experience is not a guarantee of success.

The New Venture Ltd

Mark decided to leave his job and set up his own business.

After years of creating and producing t-shirts for third party brands he wants to challenged himself and launch his own t-shirt brand.

A wise but difficult decision, Mark is now on his own and will also have to devote time to the day-to-day administrative tasks that every company has.

Many small tasks that he will have to carry out on his own until his company has enough money to be able to afford employees devoted to individual business functions.

Here the to-do list Mark has prepared:

  1. Company Formation

  2. Appoint an Accountant

  3. Open a Business Account

  4. Choosing accounting software

  5. Choose a warehouse software

  6. Choose an e-commerce solution

  7. Open an acquiring account for credit cards

  8. Draw up contracts for employees

  9. Choose an HR software for Payslips

  10. Choose a Social Media software

  11. Validate the Business Plan

This is only the beginning. The problems Mark now faces are:

  • the enormous time consuming aspect of these activities;

  • making sure each software is compatible not only with the others but with the banking and online solutions to be adopted;

  • doing the onboarding and registration for each solution chosen, hoping not to make a mistake and waste money and time;

  • integrating the different IT solutions using a software house that is familiar with the choices made by Mark and where it is not possible to coordinate different suppliers of integration solutions.

Definitely a problem that will take months and will cost money but most of all an inconvenience in starting his business.

Without the above in place Mark will not be able to devote himself to what he would love to do.

Will Mark ever be able to absorb this period of expenses and stress?

It is time for Quid Global

Quid Global is a complete ecosystem of business and banking tools dedicated to SMEs created to solve these problems.

The aim is to provide Mark with all the tools he needs, seamlessly integrated into a single platform where, with one onboarding, Mark can do in a day what he would have done in a few months.

Quid is fulfilling its promises, it is now active globally, has already opened several relationships and has recently started marketing in New Zealand where it already offers company formation and current accounts.

Next steps will be the UK and USA.

Quid has now started to raise capital for its growth and finish its development.

If you are interested in investing in Quid you can register with Elviria or contact us at


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