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Streamable Finance and Millionaire step up disruptive innovation

Streamable Finance and Millionaire Multimedia sign a project partnership that realises the first ever 'Magazine Pay-per-Use' concept applied to the magazine in addition to podcast and video content.

London/Milan, 15.05.2023: Streamable Finance, the London-based leader in “streaming payments”, announces that it has signed a new partnership with Millionaire Multimedia for real-time content delivery, implementing the first true Pay-per-Use solution. In a streaming payment, payment occurs continuously. Exactly like a stream of water coming out of a tap. The payment solution implemented by Streamable Finance for Millionaire allows readers to pay in real time for every single second they are reading or viewing content. A true 'money vs. time' exchange that allows users to access content as long as they need it. No hidden hassle or charges and with the utmost efficiency. Matteo Cerri, General Manager of Millionaire Multimedia: “With Streamable Finance, we will be able to offer our users access to our content by paying only for the actual time they use the service. The flow of money from the customer to us is only active when the customer needs it. An easy solution that works like an on/off switch for the enjoyment of content. It allows reading articles freely without subscriptions or unnecessary purchases.

The reader of Millionaire will be free to finish reading an article even halfway without paying for the entire content, in case he or she is no longer interested in continuing reading the article - the same principle then applies to watching videos etc. A unique tool that will let our readers choose how much and what to read. The latest of many technological innovations applied to the publishing world, which outlines a strategic choice for the new Millionaire.”

“We are extremely pleased with this new partnership” - says Streamable Finance project leader Michele Tegon, who adds: “Pay-per-use is one of the strategies that best fits streaming payments and allows publishers to further reduce barriers to entry, increase readership, and most importantly, increase the purchasing power of their readers”.

Streamable Finance is working to be the next emerging unicorn in the Real-Time- Billing sector.

“We have recently started two more exciting projects, in Italy and the UK respectively, in real-time energy billing by consumption, and towards integration with smart home automation solutions.”

Michele Tegon adds “Solutions that are in line with our eco-sustainable and planet-friendly policies. A crucial tool to make users aware of energy savings and the consequent reduction of their bills.”

The “Millionaire Pay-per-use” service will start testing during the summer of 2023.

With Streamable Finance, the democratisation of flows has become a reality.


Millionaire Multimedia is the parent company that controls several magazines in Italy and abroad, including Millionaire Magazine,, FranchisingCity, Smart Working Magazine, Nomag and other editorial formats (to be announced).

Streamable Finance ( is a London-based company (subsidiary of the Swiss VC fund Ephelia Capital) which has developed a blockchain protocol for streaming financial assets and products.


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