Quid Global

The market is crowded with new challenger banks and business providers all looking to service individual aspects of a growing business.

What's missing? A fully integrated ecosystem where all the services that a business needs can be found in one place.

Quid offers centralised business management tools, with integrated payments and banking facilities, through a web and app-based access with a single relationship and a global presence. 

Quid addresses a global market, spanning from UK to EU, Switzerland, USA and APAC, for a total of 940m people and 60m+ small-medium businesses.   

Port IT

Founded in 2018, Port IT mission is to be the cutting edge technology partner of choice for Fintechs and “Business-as-a-Service" for corporates.

From payments to crowdfunding, to infrastructure marketplaces and fintechs ecosystems, Port IT partner with global and innovative companies, small and large, to bring their vision of digital innovation and seamless user experience to life.


Toonie is an App designed to simplify payments and business promotions between local communities and merchants.

A business model mainly based on:

  • Local communities, for instance High schools and Universities that will have a tool where communicate with students and parents in real time but also for collecting school fees and payments for extracurricular activities, all free of charge.

  • Students that will have a multi-currency wallet linked to a marketplace where they can buy and sell items or services.

  • Merchants that will have a privileged channel to access local communities by offering products or services that can be purchased through the App or directly at the point of sale via a QR Code. The cost of transactions, not going through common card schemes will be significantly cheaper.

Fintech Portfolio

A specific SPV deployed by Ephelia as a container for all financial and technology based projects.


A portfolio of companies that enables, the investor interested in the fintech and tech sector, to invest in existing assets but also in the future opportunities selected by the Ephelia's experts


Thanks to this structure, the investment can be constantly balanced according to the capital needs of the underlying projects.


This is a useful tool to be able to monetize profits in case of an anticipated or agreed exit, but also to diversify the risk inherent in venture capital.

Freedom, flexibility and transparency are the key words on which the relationship between Ephelia Capital and its investors is based.


Our investors can constantly monitor which companies we are investing in choosing either which company to invest in or opting to invest in the entire portfolio in order to constantly balance their portfolio between existing and future investments.

Investing is very simple:

  • By pressing "Ask Information" you will send a request in order to analyse that specific company in detail. One of our VC experts will contact you to discuss the opportunity with you;

  • By pressing "Invest" you will start the registration process (KYC) in our platform. Once approved you will be given an IBAN in your name where you can send money to complete the investment. An Ephelia Advisor will be assigned to you and will assist throughout the whole investment process as well as afterwards for any needs that may arise. 


With Ephelia Capital you will have an investment account in your name and an open channel with your dedicated Advisor.

You will be able to monitor 24/7 the value of your investment and any news on how the company you have invested in is performing. 

Let's check our existing investments